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HÖRA TILL is a dance performance about the constant need to fit in and to belong. Who do we belong to? And whom do we want to belong?

Our urge to adjust, to do what everyone else does, to fall for peer pressure and to do what the constellation of the group does.





HÖRA TILL is on tour 2023-2025

Photo: Veronika Tybell


LIKES FOR LIFE is a dance performance about social media and how it affects kids. The performance is inspired by workshop and research with students in the age of 10-12. What happens on their phones? How are they affected by social media?  


After the dance performance we have a 30 minutes workshop.

LIKES FOR LIFE is on tour 2021-2023

LFL Press 2.jpg

Photo: Anders J Larsson

LFL 7.jpg

Tour 2023
Värmland w.10
Östergötland w.17


This movie is to everyone who has made Adjustments this year of the pandemic. Who still makes Adjustments all the time.

It’s been an extremely tough year and we’re still in it. But there is hope. And there’s still struggle.

Dancer: Kajsa Nilsson

Photo & Edit: Veronika Tybell

Music: Robin Andersson

Director & choreographer: Jo Ehnsiö 

Competing in section "Best dance movie" at Roma Short Film Festival, 7-17 November 2021.

Screened at Tegelscenen, Stockholm on "Kortfilmsdagen" by Folkets Bio. 

Offical selection of Screendancefestival 2022, screened at Dansmuseet in Stockholm 29th of april 2022. 


MY BEST FRIEND is a dance performance about friendship. That kind of friendship that makes you feel that you can do anything: as long as you are together. It`s a dance piece that move you and makes you feel warmth, strength and recognition. It gives the children hope, community and happiness. The choreography is playfull and cool but also sensitive with depth. 


MY BEST FRIEND was touring on refugees camps in Sweden spring 2016.


Photo: HP Skoglund

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